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Ten issues in: announcements & updates for the 2021-2022 Review

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

The Review's 2020-2021 print publication, HRER Issue No. 9, in all of its crimson glory

It’s a landmark year for the Harvard Real Estate Review. This year’s issue will be the tenth – our first major anniversary – of the Review’s 13-year history (more on the math in our next post). On top of that, with some 25 editors from nearly every degree program at the GSD, the 2021-2022 Review comprises an editorial team that is larger and more academically diverse than any in the Review’s past. Finally, in light of the recent restructuring of the Master of Design Studies and the consequent rebuilding of the GSD’s Real Estate master’s program, we are the first Real Estate Review to exist without a fresh cohort of real estate students to join us.

These are unprecedented circumstances, and naturally, they carry material implications for the Review’s present and future. While we're keeping our lips sealed about what’s in the works for the print publication, we have some exciting news regarding the Review’s web presence. For one, we are proud to announce the addition of this blog, which will offer readers a steady stream of content focused on real estate at Harvard. Thanks to our historic growth, we now have the capacity to maintain a regular schedule of posts, which will include scholarly essays and short articles from our editorial team, interviews with industry professionals, write-ups of relevant lecture events and panels held at the GSD, and various other content from Harvard-affiliated guest contributors. If you’re a Harvard student or affiliate and are interested in contributing or have an idea for a post, please feel free to contact us here. And of course, to stay tuned, just use the “Subscribe” form at the bottom of this webpage.

Another new (though long overdue) element of the Review’s website comes in the form of our Editorial Team page, which can be found under the “About” tab. Here, you’ll find headshots and short bios for each of our talented editors, who come to the Review from backgrounds in municipal government, academia, software development, print journalism, and law, in addition to more traditional paths in real estate, urban planning and architecture. Take a moment to check them out here.

We have an amazing team and amazing content in the pipeline, and we are so excited to publish and share these works with you soon. The breadth and sheer diversity of topics covered by our pending publications should make this year’s Review one of the most interesting yet. For any general questions or comments about the Review, please feel free to contact us here. Finally, we want to thank our team, authors, sponsors at and beyond the GSD, and readers for your continued support.

By Chadwick Reed (MUP '22) and Manu Moritz (MDes REBE '22), Co-Executive Editors



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