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Overseen by the Harvard GSD Real Estate Club, the Harvard Real Estate Review is the University's preeminent publication on topics related to real estate and the built environment. Both led and staffed by Harvard students, the Review compiles and edits content sourced from students across the University as well as practitioners and industry leaders worldwide. This effort culminates in an annual, journal-style print publication as well as a wealth of other electronically published content.


The Review was first founded in 2010 as the Harvard Student Journal of Real Estate. The Journal was edited by a seven-student team and comprised a mix of editor biographies, chronicles of student competitions, profiles of student-developed projects, and a handful of scholarly articles. While the publication has evolved substantially in the years since this initial iteration, its core mission remains essentially unchanged:

  1. to support and advance the exploration of real estate as an academic curriculum;

  2. to facilitate discourse across the diverse array of disciplines in which the contemporary field of real estate exists and

  3. to elevate the work of Harvard-affiliated real estate scholars specifically, providing both a public platform and a direct connection to the field at large.

2023-2024 editors

Executive Editor

Brendan D'Loren

Miguel Lantigua Inoa

Etta Madete

Faculty Liaison

Alexander von Hoffman

Akiva Blander
Brandy Benjamin 
Alex Cardelle
Pinyang Paul Chen
Esabel Cheng
Mike Kaneshiro Chou
Cristobal Correa Ehlers
Jialei Tang
Kati Wiese
Kellie Zhao

Connie Hui
Aelin Li
Jiayu Tong

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