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hrer leadership and editorial staff

The Harvard Real Estate Review strives to present a diverse, multidisciplinary perspective on topics pertaining to real estate and the built environment. While we welcome applicants with specific experience in a related field, any and all Harvard students with an interest in real estate are encouraged to apply for open positions. 

Staffing Timeline

The Review typically only accepts staff applications during the month of September. Applications are considered on a rolling basis. New hires are typically onboarded in the first six months of the Fall term, and are expected to hold their positions for the entirety of the academic year. 


Associate Editor (Content)

First-year staff will typically be onboarded as Associate Editors. Associate Editors work in direct partnership with contributing authors and expert commentators, guiding a collaborative effort to produce a publication-ready article. Beginning in the 2021-2022 academic year, all editors will also be asked to solicit or personally produce a contribution to HRER's growing body of digital content. Such contributions may be in the form of short interviews with industry professionals, notable academic projects (e.g. competition submissions) accompanied by brief editorials, or substantive blog-style articles.

Associate Editor (Graphics and Website)

While most Associate Editors will focus exclusively on content-editing, the Review also looks for applicants with proficiency in graphic and/or web design to work in tandem with the Senior Graphics and Online Editors. While Graphics Editors may choose to focus solely on layout and visual design, all Editors are welcome to contribute to content-commissioning and -production efforts if they so choose.


Senior Editor

Senior Editor positions are generally reserved for returning staff members. Senior Editors perform high level quality control and set the tone for the Review at-large. As returning staff members, Senior Editors are charged with the task of commissioning content for the coming year's publication: corresponding with prospective contributors, identifying opportunities for digital content, and generally collaborating in the management and direction of the publication, among other things.

Senior Graphics Editor

Senior Graphics Editors manage the visual presentation of the Review's annual publication, as well as the production of marketing materials (posters, digital flyers, and social media posts) used to publicize the Review's content releases and events. Senior Graphics Editors have proficiency with graphic design software; an understanding of branding and marketing; and excellent leadership skills.


Questions may be submitted via our contact form, found here.

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