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Article Submission

All Harvard affiliates are welcome to submit relevant papers to be considered for publication in our annual Review. Relevant papers may pertain to architecture, housing, social justice, economics, technology, urbanism, city planning, policy, and more. They may be coursework, theses, independent research, or professional works to which the rights are owned exclusively by the submitting party. We ask only that the focus of the article has a clear connection to the built environment and that at least one contributing author be a Harvard student or faculty member.

In addition to completed articles, we also accept article proposals. This option may make sense for authors interested in preparing work expressly for publication in the Review (during winter break, for example). Proposals may be submitted via the same process as completed articles and should include both a high-level description of the proposed article's content and a working schedule for its preparation.

Editing Timeline

Issue 11 (2024) article submission deadline: Wednesday, 12/20 @ 11:59pm

While we accept article submissions year-round, article selection typically takes place immediately following the conclusion of the Fall semester. Authors of selected works are then contacted with a formal offer of publication, and, if accepted, the editing process begins henceforth. While HRER editors guide this process, ongoing contributor cooperation is expected. Final, edited drafts are sent to graphic editing early in the Spring semester.

Length & Format

Articles published in the Review's annual print issues typically range in length from 3,000 to 5,000 words. That said, we ask that authors do not pre-edit submissions, regardless of length or format. Independent editing of a pre-existing academic work prior to that work's submission is unlikely to be an effective use of your time. If you believe that there is some element of your submission which, if changed, would substantially improve its suitability for the Review, please attach a brief note to your submission which conveys the nature of the envisioned changes. These and other applicable revisions may be made in collaboration with HRER editors following the selection of the article in question.


Questions may be submitted via our contact form, found here.

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